Clotrimazole or luliconazole which is better

Which Is Better Clotrimazole Or Ketoconazole
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Bactrim - a combined drug, containing two active ingredients: sulfanamide drug sulfamethoxazole and derivative of diaminopyrimidine - trimethoprimum. Colibacillus life activity oppresses that leads to reduction of synthesis of thymine, riboflavinum, niacin, etc. group B vitamins in intestines. Duration of therapeutic effect makes 7 years.

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Which is better tioconazole or clotrimazole for allergic rhinitis). I used to make it in bulk but since I don't grow my own supply has been slowly disappearing. When to Use: I make this with 1 part clavulanic acid to 2 parts citric 2part acid. 1 part of clavulanic acid (which is better than clavulanic acid sulfate) can be used in 1 to 2 drops of a 1 to 1.5 ounce dropper or a 1 to 1.5 mL of an aloe vera gel with 1% to 5% hydrazine in 2%. This should give a good soothing treatment. 1 part of citric acid should be added with 3 drops of this solution to 1 drop of oil on cotton, or a 1 to 3 mL of aloe vera gel with a 2% to 5% hydrazine concentration (as noted above). Use this as a treatment for moderate to severe nasal congestion for 2 to 4 weeks. At the end of these 4 weeks the nasal congestion should have resolved. However I find this to be more difficult achieve since it tends to cause more irritation on the sinuses. If you want to take the extra time or work more than 4 weeks at a time I recommend starting with 2 doses 3 days apart on the same day. This is much easier to do that starting off with 1 and having to wait 2 days find out what works best. It can be a very long waiting period. When I see patients try to find the most gentle way to treat them as not irritate the mucous membranes on outside of the nose. I do this by applying the gel or cream to outer nostril, then applying clotrimazol creme preis the inner side and then rinse with water. It is easy to keep clean as well by applying a small amount of the gel or cream to palm of the hand and gently rub away the excess gel or ointment to prevent irritation in the other nostril. I find that the nasal congestion tends to move up and out of the nasal tube when I gently rub away the excess with palm. I also recommend a 1 to 1.5 ounce dropper or a 2 to 2.5 mL tube of liquid aloe vera. I use this along with my clavulanyl gel or cream. I also use it with a 1 which is better tioconazole or clotrimazole or 2 caplets of clavulanic acid a day to help prevent any possible allergic reaction